Play the world’s first mobile real-world farming game!

Explore the real world – find cute animals and rare seeds – grow your farm & become the top provider of your neighborhood.



Place your farm based on your real world location

Explore your surroundings to find rare seeds and cute animals. Build the mill, dairy and kitchen to craft your goods into neat products.

The real world will influence your farm

When it is raining outside, tend to your farm! Your crops will grow fast. If there is the full moon, beware of your workers. 
They need more jobs as they cannot sleep!

Trade with your local business

Be the top provider of your neighborhood, by trading your goods with real life restaurants and supermarkets.

Scan real flowers and find lucky clovers

Find and scan flowers in the real world, to gather bees in the game, which help you terraform your land. Look out for lucky clovers to send to your friends.

T-shirts, mugs and more!

Complete your colorful farm life with our Farmstead merchandise!

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At Thoughtfish we believe in AR as a meaningful addition to the way we interact with the world around us. To help make AR smarter and more interesting, we created the COALA platform, that enables us to factor in not only a persons location, but also the context and surroundings they are in at any given moment. COALA opens up a lot of possibilities in the development of next-generation AR applications and allows us to make games that are innovative and fun. With Farmstead and all the other games we make, we continue striving to create a valuable and entertaining AR experience. For more information on our projects and COALA, please visit our website.