How does the farming in Farmstead work?

Planting and harvesting crops is a very important step to growing your farm. Learn everything about it in this tutorial!

How do I collect seeds in Farmstead?

Collecting seeds will be one of the main things you do while outside and playing Farmstead. Learn how it all works with this tutorial!

What do different terrains in Farmstead mean?

Farmsteads world is split up into 6 different types of terrain. In this tutorial, you will learn all about each one of the types, and how to terraform plots on your farm.

How does crafting work in Farmstead?

Ever wondered how to build buildings and craft new items in Farmstead?
Wonder no more, as this tutorial is here to help you out!

I have more questions (and/or encountered a problem). What can I do?

You can always contact our support team.